Association of Titan Leaders Assisting Students

The Parent, Teacher, Student Organization at Dominion High School

ATLAS is a 501 (c)(3) organization and relies on financial donations from our Dominion community. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.


Your Parent-Teacher Organization (ATLAS) is made up of members who are parents, Alumni, Dominion High School administrators and staff, and community leaders. While students are encouraged to support ATLAS and participate in ATLAS activities, they are not voting members. ATLAS membership is open to any adult 18 years of age or older. Go to bit.ly/dhsatlas for details on becoming an ATLAS member. There is no fee required to become a member of ATLAS. The current ATLAS Bylaws can be found here.


ATLAS is an IRS-recognized 501(c)(3) organization, created to provide a single, unified support system for each and every student at Dominion High School. We have primary responsibility for the provision of the necessary volunteer and financial resources throughout the school year. We are an active participant at the planning table for school direction, priorities, and supplemental budgets. From these, we prepare an ATLAS business plan and operating budget for the upcoming school year. You can find the 2019-2020 ATLAS Financial Requests Document here


ATLAS membership meetings generally are held quarterly.


ATLAS membership meetings are held in the Dominion High School Media Center but will be held virtually for the foreseeable future.


The leadership behind the creation of ATLAS, believed that it is more important for individual coaches, clubs, and teams to focus on their specific objectives, rather than separate and distinct fundraising and publicity. ATLAS provides a common, unified "face" and approach to present to the community and volunteer base. The purposes of ATLAS are:

  1. To promote the fulfillment of the Dominion High School Mission, ensuring each and every student will:

    • Accept the challenge of leadership for today and tomorrow

    • Display courtesy, character, and integrity in all situations

    • Respect the rights of every member of our diverse community

    • Serve the community as a responsible citizen and positive role model

    • Work hard to achieve academic excellence

  2. To encourage family and community involvement in our children's education


ATLAS provides funding, event support, planning, and volunteers in support of the Dominion High School mission. We are the ticket takers, snack bar concessionaires, event organizers, fundraising planners, rabid supporters, and frequent donors of time, energy, and love.

How can YOU participate?

  • Membership

  • Families of current DHS students are all members of ATLAS!

  • Participation

  • Come and participate in ATLAS quarterly meetings

  • Encouragement

  • Encourage your student to get involved with DHS extra curricular activities

  • Be a Role Model

  • Sign up for an ATLAS committee project

  • Volunteer

  • There are many volunteer opportunities to help in and around the school - no experience needed!

  • Contribute

  • Your financial support of ATLAS is crucial. Remember - your donations to ATLAS are fully tax-deductible.

  • Network

  • Bring untapped resources to ATLAS that will help Dominion High School reach its goals

Fundraising - Parents, teachers, sponsors and students now have input to the fundraising process; groups doing fundraising retain 80% of the net funds earned! That means four out of every five dollars goes directly to support the activity that helped to raise it.The other 20% of the dollars raised also goes to Dominion for uses that benefit each and every Titan, e.g., agendas that all students received in August; resources for the academic teams, recognition of student academic and athletic achievements; support of after school academic programs. More than likely, a portion of the general fund will also be distributed by the Principal right back to the groups that raised them. ATLAS Activity Support Groups (ASGs) continue to form. For information on how to get involved go to Fundraising.

2021-2022 ATLAS Board of Directors

President - Natalie Earley

Co-Vice President – Ted Childs

Co-Vice President – Tisha Downes

Treasurer - Teresa Demangos

Assistant Treasurer - Becky Harding

Corresponding Secretary - Lauren Comi

Recording Secretary - Laura Inra

Volunteer Coordinator - Christie Hines

Principal – Dr. John Brewer

ATLAS PTO Election Bios 2022-2023.docx