Volunteer Opportunities

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Dominion Golf Classic

Want to get involved with the biggest fundraiser we have for Dominion?

The Dominion Golf Classic is held every spring and provides the majority of the funding for ATLAS and for our TITANS.

There are tons of ways - big and small - to be involved.

Let us know you are interested and we'll be back in touch as planning begins!

Volunteer Workdays at the African American Cemetery and Bull Run Baptist Church Site at Bull Run Regional Park (Mar. 25, Jun. 10)

The incredible and inspirational story of the people who once lived and died at this forested location behind the Atlantis Waterpark can be found here.

Link to Info

Titan Coffee Corner

A morning gathering place has been a Dominion tradition since the start and Titan Coffee Corner has started up again now!

This program is to foster connections with students at Dominion High School.

Students are invited to come have a coffee and connect with other students before school starts.

Tons of ways to help out. You can come in one day a week to set up, donate supplies or donate funds.

Sign up today to help out!


If you can't volunteer your time or donate products please consider a cash donation via ATLAS at dhsatlas.org/tccdonation

Thank you to all of our amazing groups that participated in the Dominion Volunteer Fair and to our TITANS and families who attended!

While not able to attend this year, you can find more volunteer opportunities with the groups below!

Grade Level Groups and Tip Sheet

Consider joining the grade level, parent run, FaceBook groups below to connect with other families and find out how you can help with 

events for your TITAN's grade.

Class of 2023 https://dhsatlas.org/2023fbgroup

Class of 2024 https://dhsatlas.org/2024fbgroup

Class of 2025 https://dhsatlas.org/2025fbgroup

Class of 2026 https://dhsatlas.org/2026fbgroup

Class of 2027 https://dhsatlas.org/2027fbgroup

Want to create an event for your TITAN's grade?

Find out more details on the Tip Sheet.7

Dominion High School Parent Group Tip Sheet_2022.docx

Want to be contacted directly about future Volunteer Opportunities? 

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Volunteering is a great way for you to be involved in your child's school and meet other TITAN parents. Fill out the form above!