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DHS Senior Week Volunteers Needed!

Welcome all Dominion Senior Parents! As a part of fostering community, excitement and involvement for our Class of '22 Seniors, we will be hosting a fun week of activities starting September 20th.

Here is where we need your help! We need a "quarterback" for each theme day, who will partner with several senior parents and volunteer to "host" a day. The volunteers for each day should be in touch with one another to decide how they want to purchaase/package their items, how they wish to decorate and logistically have things flow. Those signing up to assist will need to:

1. Purchase the items handed out (375 of anything can add up!). Please pool your funds together or perhaps ask a store/entity to donate/discount your items.

2. Decorate! Be innovative and trust me - the Seniors truly do enjoy the excessive creative flair. Find folks in your group who enjoy this sort of thing and let them loose!

3. Create signage for whatever items you are distributing (you can choose what infrastructure you may need i.e. tables etc. and let us know and we'll help).

4. Be sure you have volunteers who are available on that day to help out!


Grade Level Groups

Consider joining the grade level, parent run, FaceBook groups below to connect with other families and find out how you can help with

events for your TITAN's grade.

Class of 2022 https://bit.ly/dhs2022group

Class of 2023 https://bit.ly/dhs2023group

Class of 2024 https://bit.ly/dhs2024group

Class of 2025 https://bit.ly/dhs2025group

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Local Volunteer Groups







Thanks to our many volunteers in the 2020-2021 School Year!

With your help we had safe movie nights, testing and teacher appreciation events!