In Titan Territory, we recognize the importance of supporting all of our students. The proceeds from fundraisers are used in a manner that is consistent with the DHS mission to support each and every Titan and each and every Titan program. We have two fundraising models:

Activity Support Groups (ASGs) Fundraisers:  80% of the profit goes directly to the group that raises it; the other 20% to DHS.

ATLAS Fundraisers:  100% goes to DHS.

ATLAS has established a Fundraising Oversight Committee to review proposed fundraising events to:

If you have any questions, please contact the coach or sponsor of your Titan's activity or contact the ATLAS Board of Directors at

**Note - all fundraisers must be approved by ATLAS prior to taking place, ordering of items or publicizing**

Submit all fundraising requests at least two weeks prior to the planned event.


1. Identify the need/objective with your sponsor.

2. Fill out the online Fundraising Proposal Form. Submit one form for each event. For example, for more than one fundraising night, submit each proposed date as a separate form.

3. Once completed the form will be submitted directly to the Fundraising Oversight Committee. Once approved you will receive a response from the committee with an attached PDF of the deposit forms. You can also find links to all forms below.  

Note: The approval process usually takes 2-3 days, unless further questioning is needed to clarify the proposal.  

You cannot conduct an ATLAS fundraiser without approval.

Please upload any flyers you have available for the event, or email them to

4. Run your fundraiser event.  

Note: all checks received must be made payable to 'ATLAS' (the ONLY registered charitable organization).  This is very important.

5. Afterwards collect the proceeds and complete the Fundraising Forms Packet. Please note that there are three tabs in this form, please complete all three as applicable. The Fundraising Forms Packet can be found in a PDF here or as an excel file here.

Please ensure you have it completed all three and turn them in along with the money to the ATLAS treasurer via the ATLAS (tan) safe in the teachers' workroom.

If you have cash, coins, or checks that need to be deposited with ATLAS, please read the following Deposit Procedures

6. If you need to pay suppliers, or need reimbursement for costs incurred for the fundraiser complete the Check Request Form and submit to the ATLAS treasurer,  Remember to attach supporting documentation.  Incomplete or inaccurate forms will be returned for correction and resubmission; this will delay the issuance of the check.  Please allow 10 business days from the request being submitted to the check being issued.

7. Complete the Thank You Letter and present it to the business or person who made a donation to your event or organization.

8. This Certificate can be also completed and presented to a business as a way of thanking them for partnering with Dominion High School.


What is an Activity Support Group (ASG)?

An Activity Support Group is an affinity group of parents, coaches & sponsors, DHS student participants and other interested parties that form under the ATLAS umbrella. DHS does not have booster clubs in the classic sense. Instead, we are all considered Titan boosters. 

In addition to supporting our own students’ interests we also recognize the importance that all programs have toward the success of the Dominion community and therefore support the school as a whole.


Volunteer support and monetary support to supplement the Loudoun County Public Schools budget is coordinated through ATLAS. An ASG may form to support one or more specific activities like multiple sports teams, extracurricular activities or clubs. These groups will form to help support the need for (concessions & ticket) volunteers and support to raise funds to pay for a variety of things like uniforms, special equipment, travel, fees or dues, stipends, materials, food, etc..


ATLAS, a 501(c)(3) organization, has assumed the responsibility for raising the monies needed to support Dominion students in many of their athletic, artistic, scholastic, and extracurricular endeavors. Our success would not be possible without the dedicated support and hard work of many individuals always focused on this process.

ATLAS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization and relies on donations from our Dominion community. ATLAS, Inc Association of Titan Leaders Assisting Students. A financial statement is available upon written request from the Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs.

Want to plan a fundraising night? Check out the contact list below:

La Prensa Tapas & Tacos

Contact Samet Yuksekgonul


Carlos Alcazar

Brazza Steaks Restaurant

46970 Community Plaza #111-A

Sterling VA 20164




Choosing to have your Spirit Skate at the Ashburn Ice House is a fun and unique way for your school to raise money. Our building is designed with a spacious lobby to greet your guests, bleachers to watch the skaters, and a heated Mezzanine level that affords comfortable seating and viewing.

The Ashburn Ice House allows your school to share our Friday Night Rockin' Skate or our Saturday Afternoon Public Skate Session. We have found that Spirit Skates are most successful when you advertise early and have a large social media campaign. You can also include a bake sale, silent auction, or sell school spirit wear to raise more money.

If your school is interested in having a Spirit Skate at the Ashburn Ice House this school year please contact: or or call 703-858-0300 for more information